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Onan Generator Fuel Pump

Onan Generator welder 149-1982 149-1544 149-2187.

Rv Generator Fuel Pump

This is a common fuel pump for a fuel-injected diesel engine that reaches market popularity in the early 1990 it's the vacuum fuel pump used in the welder cummins engine, the vacuum is created by the application of pressure from the engine and it this pressure that creates the vacuum. The vacuum is then drawn up through the pump and into the engine by way of the tube, the vacuum is then drawn off into the fuel line and back into the pump. Onan 4000 fuel pump is a top-grade solution for enthusiasts with high-pressure fuel pumps, this pump works with compatible Onan cummins generators, making it straightforward to gallons or gallons of fuel per minute. The low pressure fuel pump makes it effortless to operate, and the included adapter makes it straightforward to convert to a high-pressure fuel pump, the Onan Generator fuel pump apu rv is a top-notch substitute for a Generator if you have an Onan generator. The pump is compatible with most generators and can run chains and other cables easily, the pump also includes an electric motor to make power straightforward for you. This Onan Generator fuel pump is for the electric fuel pump for the Onan emerald plus 5000 gas rv cummins generator, it is an excellent alternative for admirers who desiderate to handle this engine for something other than driving their rv. This pump helps keep the engine running and provides power to the rv.