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Cummins Pt Fuel Pump

The Cummins Pt fuel pump is an excellent tool for operators of fuel systems and.

Cheap Cummins Pt Fuel Pump

This is a Cummins Pt fuel pump, it is from the rx model. It is a front-mounted pump and it is fabricated of aluminum, it is likewise made of plastic. It is manufactured of reliable and durable materials, this pump is prime for a variety of tasks, such as fuel exams, system checkouts, andmotorist's side air filter check-out. It contains an 139668 diesel injector pump and a q35 injector, this system needs a portugal-made fuel pump for the injector to work. This Cummins Pt diesel injection pump is a must have for any military diesel power unit! It uses the latest technology and mechanisms to provide best performance possible, this pump is in like manner reliability minded with a long lasting design. With its connection system, you can depend on military truck 400 Cummins Pt fuel injection pump is for quality drives, the Cummins fuel system is a sensational design that includes a pump body and air filter. It is unrivalled for vehicles with digital pump states or those that need to computation fuel economy, the pump state is then used to determine the fuel economy of your vehicle. The Cummins fuel system is further first-rate for vehicles with a manual pump state.