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2004 Dodge Ram Fuel Pump

This is a good value fuel pump module for the 2004-07 Dodge Ram 1500, it is an unfinished piece that is again available in different colors and designs. It is fabricated of aluminum and is again made to work with the 5, 7 l 4. 7 l 5, the module is about 5. 7 l long and is produced of plastic, it effortless to install and is available for a few weeks.

Fuel Pump 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

This fuel pump is a complex assemble as it involves taking apart the engine and then together we can make it back together again, we will need to support the weight of the pump and the code. It is important to note that this pump is not for the faint of heart as it is quite difficult to take apart and back together, however, whenever able to do it right after the fact it should be just fine. If you have an 2004-2009 Dodge Ram 1500, and your fuel pump is not functioning properly, we recommend that you call a service advisor, this is because the pump is designed and programmed to work perfectly fine. However, if there are some types of problems with your fuel pump, such as poor performance or problems with the electrical connection, you can call our service advisor and they can help you fix them if necessary, this is an 4. 7 l fuel pump and it's a simple take-over-time process, the pump gives a new per-hour count and an age rating. It's in good condition with no issues since it was new, the pump renders a number of other condition features. The fuel pump is currently hours old, this is an 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 fuel pump sending unit module assembly for the car. The assembly includes the bore and the filters, it includes the output tube, the ethics level 3 o2 sensor and the power tube.