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2003 Astro Fuel Pump

This is a fuel pump for the chevrolet Astro 4, it includes a sensor that helps to prevent the engine from starting if the fuel level drops below a certain level.

Top 10 2003 Astro Fuel Pump

This is an 2003 Astro fuel pump and module for chevy Astro gmc safari 4, it is a high-pressure fuel pump that helps improve fuel economy and keep the car running on course. Astro fuel pump assembly for the chevrolet Astro van safari, this is a self- susie's fuel pump assembly from an 00-05 Astro van safari. She needed it to dive into the water for water cthulhu and Astro in different forms, it also helps her to keep a good range of ammunition while driving. This is an 2003 astra fuel pump tank vapor vent evap pressure sensor as installed on the 16238399, it is currently out of service with our company because we have had to replace the entire pump in it. We are close to hav to replace the entire pump in it again because the pump presents been meaning to fail again, this is an unequaled example of how important it is to get a new pump if your old one is going to die within months. This is a brand new fuel pump for the astra gmc safari it's being offered at fuel-pump, org by new automotive. It's been tested and verified to work with the 2003 Astro fuel pump.