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1998 Ford Escort Fuel Pump

This is a high-quality fuel pump for your 1998 Ford f-250, it is fabricated with a variety of materials that are all high-quality and durable. This pump is sure to make your driving experience better, plus, it is sure to make your fuel economy go up.

1998 Ford Escort Fuel Pump Walmart

This is an 1998 Ford Escort fuel pump module assembly for sale, it is in good condition and contains only 10 hrs on average use. The fuel pump is only 4 years old and gives had 2 oil changes and a fuel pressure check, the fuel filter is again in good condition. The pump is needed for the car's fuel economy as it gives the car an up to date range, if you are interested in purchasing an 1998 Ford Escort fuel pump assembly, we can provide more information about this product. We can also provide a pictures of the fuel pump assembly and its use, if you're wanting for a fuel pump that will help keep your Ford escape fuel economy up, the 1999 Ford Escort fuel pump is perfect. This pump is designed to help with both the fuel economy of the escape and the escape fuel types, and it'll help keep your fuel economy high too, so you can stay on the road more easily. Electric fuel pump 525-1380 is an excellent substitute for 1998 Ford jaguar, lincoln, mazda, and mercury vehicles, this pump is manufactured from industrial quality materials and is sure to provide superior performance.