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1992 Toyota Pickup Fuel Pump

This is an unrivaled opportunity to purchase a beautifully designed and functioning fuel pump hanger tube assembly for your 1992 Toyota pickup, this assembly is essential for an 3. 0 l or 2, 4 l engine. It is essential for ensuring that the fuel filter and fuel mixture are properly functioning and the engine renders enough power to handle the fuel types, this is an essential part of any engine builder's arsenal and should be in top condition. This assembly is available now and is an exceptional deal at this price.

92 Toyota Pickup Fuel Pump

This is a quick and basic procedure to replace a fuel pump on your 92-95 Toyota pickup, just take it apart and remove the old pump, followed by the hanger bracket. You then simply put the new pump in and it will work perfectly, this 1992 Toyota Pickup fuel pump is a new oe replacement and is craftsman model number f7 l4 q and is in the style of the Toyota Pickup series. It is an 1-ilton-zuffa type fuel pump with an 4-mechanical-speed belt and a duty cycle of 90%, it is manufactured in spain by Toyota Pickup truck fuel pump renders a lifetime warranty against failure and provides a size of 2. 14 inch diameter and is produced from plastic, it is black in color and provides a white logo. This kit includes everything you need to install the pump in your vehicle! This denso fuel pump is included in the box when you buy an 1992 Toyota pickup, it is a standard part and will work with most vehicles. It is not included in the down payment on a vehicle, so it must be ordered through the police department.